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So, what is Nomadic Income Experiment?  


This website is an ongoing case study of what works in passive income generation online, through various methods including:

  1. Kindle Publishing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Blogging 
  4. Youtube Channels
  5. Digital and Retail Arbitrage
  6. Amazon FBA


The idea behind this site is to show you how you can replace your current income, freeing you to pursue your passions.  

What’s Your Passion?


Whether you are a nomadic soul looking to free yourself to travel the world, or a new mother looking for a way to work from home so that you can be there to see every “first” for your new child.  Whether you are looking to make a little supplemental income, or to replace your current income, this site is here to help show you what works and what doesn’t in online passive income generation.

What is Passive Income?


Passive income, as we define it here, is income generated from an investment upfront, with little or sometimes no ongoing work afterwards.  The investment can be either an investment of time or an investment of capital.

An upfront investment of capital earns portfolio income (a sub-category of passive income). This can be things like:

  • Stock Dividends
  • Rent
  • Annuities
  • etc

An upfront investment of time earns what is primarily royalty income.  This can be things like:

  • Books
  • Songs
  • Photographs
  • Courses
  • etc.

Our focus here is on the second category of passive income.