I recently started following internet millionaire Jeremy Shoemaker. I found his program by accident, really. As I looked at it, he seemed to touch on the one key thing that so many people struggle with in the beginning. He had sold many “how to make money online” products and even though the content was good very few people every logged in and did anything.

So he claimed not only would this be free but he would pay me for accomplishing tasks. I signed up, in part because I was curious to see what he was about. The first task was drop dead simple and I instantly received a dollar and it was sent to my Paypal instantly. and yet I never paid him anything.

I did purchase hosting (at a great price), and got a free domain name included. Then I continued and went through the course setting up my website. Then installing a theme, then installing plugins, etc etc. By the end of the 2nd level he sent me $3. As the course continued, I just had to see what he had to offer throughout the rest of the program.

Jeremy not only walks you through setting up everything step by step (and paying you as you accomplish the tasks), but also makes it fun awarding you belts like a karate system.

By the time I received my black belt he had sent me $15.


But while the money was fun and kept me going, at the end I had a great blog with all the key plugins. A decked out facebook page and a email newsletter.

I have looked at many programs, and purchased several of them, but this was so easy to set up and he paid me to complete each task. In addition, his videos walk you step by step through the process and in the end, you have something of real value.

Again I never paid him $1. I kept waiting to see the trick but there truly is none.

If you seem skeptical give it a try it and when you make your first dollar in five minutes you will be as hooked as me. Thanks Jeremy for helping me to get started and for providing step by step directions . Click here to register..